Young Man's Hair Loss Treatment Success Story

Young Man's Hair Loss Treatment Success Story

Young Men’s Hair Loss Treatment Success Story

At Absolique we like to share our success stories to demonstrate the importance of correct diagnosis and how simple and affordable hair loss treatment can deliver results. Absolique Trichologist Brisbane always checks in on hair and health history along with blood work and health plays a big part in hair loss and deficiencies are commonly found, and easily corrected with the right advice and guidance.

This is a story of a young male, 19 years old having problems with hair loss, hair thinning, scaly scalp, oily scalp and dry scalp. He had noticed changes such as hair loss at the temples, flaky scalp, sensitive scalp, itchy scalp and hair thinning. There was a family history of male pattern thinning with one uncle, but he was much older when it began.

Young Men’s Hair Loss Treatment Success Story:
• Start with correct diagnosis
• Address both symptoms and causes
• Basic topical hair loss treatment
• Discuss diet and deficiencies

Consultation and microscopic diagnosis uncovered background eczema, anxiety, medication for acne, family stress, work pressures, professional levels of physical activity and poor diet. Checking in on current bloods we found some inflammatory markers, low ferritin and low Vitamin D, all of which would contributing to the poor scalp health and hair growth problems.
We started with a simple basic topical hair washing routine with Scalp Brush Therapy, Absolique Scalp Cleanser and our Practitioner formula hair loss treatment Activance. As the hair was short, no shampoo or conditioner were required. Daily treatment was required to begin with to get stability then once stable (@ 2 weeks) we dropped back to every other day.

Dietary changes were recommended along with simple supplementation to help with the deficiencies. The main diet change was to avoid gluten, dairy and sugar and focus of fresh whole foods and food for ferritin. Four months check in showed huge improvement in scalp, skin and hair. As the treatment was so simple and achieved such improvement we decided to continue with basic topical and will check in on the hair and scalp every six months now to make sure things stay on track. For more information about Young Men’s Hair Loss Treatment Success Story with Trichologist Brisbane, email feel free to ask questions and share your story. Follow this link for more information about our services

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