What Causes Hair Loss During Pregnancy? How to Stop Hair Loss? Pregnancy Signs Hair Loss in Women

What Causes Hair Loss During Pregnancy? How to Stop Hair Loss? Pregnancy Signs Hair Loss in Women

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As if all the other body changes women go through during pregnancy aren’t enough, hair loss during pregnancy can almost seem like the last straw. Stretch marks, aching legs, urinary incontinence and swollen feet are surely enough, but when you start to feel you’re losing more hair than the family cat at the end of winter, then this really is a bridge too far.
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what causes hair loss during pregnancy?

Causes of Changes in Hair Growth?

Explanations for Hair Loss During Pregnancy

Facts of General Hair Loss During Pregnancy

What You Can Do About Hair Loss During Pregnancy

Hair Loss During Pregnancy Complete Solution

But fret not. Help is at hand, no matter how desperate you may be feeling.
Let’s look at the facts first and see what causes hair loss during pregnancy and what you can do about it.

Has My Hair Just Stopped Growing?
Not completely, but this is almost certainly contributing. At any one time, 85% of our hair is growing. This is also known as anagen hair and the other 15% otherwise known as telogen hair, is having a rest.
Each hair follicle usually grows anagen hair for around four years and then has a rest for around four months. Around every 2-3 months the hair which is resting falls out so that new hair can grow in its place. As the new anagen hair emerges it pushes out the telogen hair to make room for itself.
We generally all lose hair at a steady and continual rate. Most of us are familiar with pulling hair out of our combs and brushes, particularly after a good hair wash. On average, we lose about 100 hairs a day, but this changes during times of excessive shedding and/or retention.
What happens during pregnancy is that hair tends to go into more of a resting and retentive phase; we don’t lose as much hair on a regular basis as we normally do. This is the reason why so many women experience fuller heads of hair during their pregnancy. Many actually say their hair has never looked as thick and full.
Some women actually experience a change in the structure of their hair; it becomes curlier, or straight, darker or even a shade or two lighter. Be prepared for some hair differences during your pregnancy, even if you’d prefer not to have any.
Hair changes aren’t just limited to what’s sprouting on your head either. Many women find an increase in their body hair as well. Increasing hair growth on their legs, chest, in their armpits, pubic area and even around their nipples can all make for some interesting observations. You may find you need to wax, tweeze, thread and/or shave more frequently when you are pregnant. If you are particularly troubled you may want to talk to a dermatologist about treatment options.

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