What Causes Gray Hair — and can we prevent it?

What Causes Gray Hair — and can we prevent it?

Ever wondered why hair turns gray — and whether there’s anything you can do to prevent gray hair?
In this short video, Dr. Mary James explains:
– The causes of gray hair, including vitamin b12 and iron deficiency; heart disease; osteopenia; autoimmune conditions; thyroid disease; vitiligo; lifestyle factors including stress and cigarette smoking; and genetics.
– How caring for your hair follicles can prevent gray hair
– Why hair turns gray prematurely
– Whether gray hair is caused by a vitamin deficiency, and the gray hair vitamins solution
– The surprising role of hydrogen peroxide in bleaching hair from the inside-out
– Whether or not you can delay or prevent gray hair
– The role of genetics in determining gray hair
– Gray hair during perimenopause and menopause
– How to calculate when hair will turn gray — and what to do if you start going gray in your 20s
– Gray hair homeopathic treatments to support healthy hair
– How to handle the transition to gray hair, whether you choose to rock your gray or use hair dye

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