Traditional Chinese Gray Hair Remedy for Less than $1 dollar! Reverse Gray Hair Prevent Hair Loss

Traditional Chinese Gray Hair Remedy for Less than $1 dollar! Reverse Gray Hair Prevent Hair Loss

10 grams – 20 grams of each mulberry leaves, oriental arborvitae and kuding.

Boiled the three ingredients with water and then wash your hair.

Try to use it for 2-3 days and you will find new black hairs start growing again.

1. Mulberry leaves and oriental arborvitae can be found in chinese medicine shop and it is very cheap less than 1 dollar for 500grams
2. Kuding can be found at cheaper price tea shop

Awhile back, a friend of mine have baldness and gray hairs problem.

After 1 year not seeing him, his hair grows and he is no longer having gray hair and baldness problem and he shared this special remedies.

Try to clean your hair while you bath and use the remedies to wash your hair.

In 2-3 days, you will see some amazing effects.
Give this remedies a try.

Results after using this remedies:
1. You will observe your hair no longer drop easily and hair loss reduced.
2. You can keep the remedies in a basin and use it for 3-4 days.
3. Warm the remedies before use.

Mulberry leaves: 15 grams
Oriental arborvitae: 15 grams
Kuding: 15 grams
Boiled with water and wash your hair everyday.
Boiled a new one every 3-4 days.

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