Too Much Testosterone in Women Causes Male Pattern Baldness & Facial Hair Growth

Too Much Testosterone in Women Causes Male Pattern Baldness & Facial Hair Growth

I started taking BioTE® hormone replacement therapy in 2014, four years ago. Soon after the first pellet insert I noticed a few thick dark hairs growing on my chin. Now in 2018 I have facial hair growing in patches ranging from the top of my cheek bones all the way down to the bottom of my neck.

I have to shave my face sometimes twice per day, morning and evening (if going out in public), or I will have a five o’clock shadow. When I rub my hands over my face I feel rough bumps from embedded ingrown hairs and shaving.

My skin is reacting to these hairs as foreign invaders and is extremely inflamed (by the shaving too). When the hairs start becoming ingrown I cannot shave them but have to dig them out like splinters and then pluck them which tears the skin and causes scaring. If I don’t dig them out they will eventually fester into sores like zits, or my immune system will sometimes section them off and cocoon them inside a very hard white casing under the surface. Once these white nodules are formed they are impossible to dig out or mess with without doing irreparable damage.

If having a beard and being 60 pounds over weight wasn’t already bad enough for my female pride, now I seem to be experiencing the dreaded “male pattern baldness” I feared could manifest from having too much testosterone – even though all my blood tests indicate my testosterone is in the acceptable “normal” even “low normal” range.

My hair is coming out by the handfuls. I’ve lost half my hair over the last several months. It’s extremely brittle and feels like straw. It’s breaking off very easily, and has no life or luster. It’s clear to see in the video how much it has thinned out especially on one side.


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