Tips Biotin Hair Growth Sources of Food Supplement Doses Info

Tips Biotin Hair Growth Sources of Food Supplement Doses Info

At certain doses of Vitamin H (Biotin) skin erruptions and acne can occur! Biotin is naturally occuring in the body and there are many food sources! Thicker, stronger, longer hair! HT #49 Biotin Food Sources, and Supplement Suggestions!

Healthy hair, strong and shiny and skin and nails are supported at the cellular level by this B Soluable vitamin comples. It is manufactured in our bodies in the intestines. If you are not geting enough Biotin in your diet there are supplement forms. Powdered, capsules and extract forms are available! Possibly the powdered form can be added in to a smoothie!

Plenty of water should be taken and it is best to supplement with it in the morning as it gives you energy!

~~~Nancy Gurish

P.S. My license is for cosmetology, so this isn’t health advice – it is just what I do! I’m interested in staying healthy through natural means!!!

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