This Biotin Hair Serum Might Be The Key To Faster Natural Hair Growth

This Biotin Hair Serum Might Be The Key To Faster Natural Hair Growth

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Pureauty Naturals asked me to share my thoughts and opinion on their serum, and that is exactly what I’m doing. Yes, I scrutinized the key ingredients and looked for information in scientific journals.

The pea sprout extract study : Schmid, D., Belser, E., & Zuelli, F. (2013). The FGF7 and noggin genes are key targets to treat hair loss. SOFW‐Journal, 139(9), 18–33.
I forgot to save the link to the free article. Now all I can find are fee-based articles. smh.

There was also a study on oral intake by different group of scientists. There is a lot I didn’t share here because it wasn’t relevant, but this conversation is far from over. This biotin hair growth serum is exciting because it mirrors previous research, keeps my scalp from itching without buildup, and helps manage my hair at the roots. Many of us know how tough kinky hair can get. I look forward to sharing where my hair is in a few months.

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