The secret of grey hair is revealed | what causes grey hair in teenage years | #greyhair

The secret of grey hair is revealed | what causes grey hair in teenage years | #greyhair

The secret of grey hair is revealed | what causes grey hair in teenage years | #greyhair

Why do hair on the head turn black? So far no scientist has been able to pinpoint the cause. Others say that as you age, hair will turn white, some will become weak, and some will be deficient in vitamins. So far, the answer to the question of why white hair is coming of age, why vitamins are so nutritious, is that there is no right answer.

The latest study by a Harvard University expert on mice has revealed the original cause. Hair has been shown to be white due to psychological stress. Psychological stress causes a hormone called norepinephrine or noradrenaline or noradrenaline to be released from the body and accumulated in the blood. It also increases heart rate. This hormone, which is added to the blood, damages the stem cells of the melanocytes that keep the hair black. That is why hair is bleached. White hair usually begins at the age of 30, and by the age of 50, half the hair is white. If the hair is bleached in the teens before it is due to genes that are inherited.

Noradrenaline hormone is released to protect parts of the body from stress. The study team stated that within 24 hours of injecting noradrenaline hormone in rats, their hair was 50 percent white. Mental stress is affecting many parts of the body, not just the hair, but it is still to be studied. The medical team advises that once-white hairs will never turn black, and that they must be mentally alert to cope with stress. Their study was published in the latest issue of Nature.

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