Regenera Activa – Natural Hair Loss Treatment in Singapore

Regenera Activa – Natural Hair Loss Treatment in Singapore

Slow down your hair loss problem with Regenera Activa. This is an innovative new approach to hair loss treatments in Singapore, using a micro-graft technique of harvesting your own hair cells. This non-surgical all-natural treatment relies on your hair cells to regenerate new hair follicles and activate dormant cells for the scalp, resulting in new hair growth naturally.

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An innovative approach to hair transplant Hair loss treatments like scalp-care serum and clinical dietary supplements are aplenty in Singapore for those seeking help in hair growth. However, when such treatments are taking too long to work or ineffective for the individual, Regenera Activa comes in as a fast, safe and effective hair transplant treatment that uses capillary regeneration technique in combating hair loss factor. Hair cells from your own hair are extracted from the back of the head, mixed with a solution suspension before being injected into the scalp. This pain-free treatment relies on your own cells for regeneration of new hair follicles, to combat hair loss, delay hair loss and prevent any further loss volume for natural results.

How is the procedure performed?
Regenera Activa involves a 3-step procedure that generally takes an hour.

Step 1 – Micro grafts harvesting
After local anaesthesia is injected, the doctor extracts 3-5 small skin samples (2mm long) along the back of your scalp.

Step 2 – Regenerative cells from micro grafts are extracted
A patented Regenera Activa device is used to extract regenerative cells which contain potent regenerative abilities, and divided into miniature, absorbable portions and fused with a special solution.

Step 3 – Injection of regenerative cells
The solution is injected into scalp areas that are suffering from hair loss to stimulate hair cells regeneration.

 Visible results in 1 month
 No downtime
 No side effects

 Natural results
 Effective for men and women
 One session per year

When can I expect results?
Results from the treatment can be seen within a month. Clinical studies and reviews have shown improvements in hair counts, hair density and scalp coverage 30 days after Regenera Activa. Reduction of hair loss rate, increase in density and thickness quality of the hair improves significantly over the next 12 months.

Is it suitable for me?

Regenera Activa will greatly benefit both men and women who wish not to undergo surgical procedures for hair transplant. It also provides effective results for those who suffer from mild to moderate hair loss/thinking and do not require total hair transplant.


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