Q&A Part 1–How to Treat Female Pattern Hair Loss (Androgenetic Alopecia)?

Q&A Part 1–How to Treat Female Pattern Hair Loss (Androgenetic Alopecia)?

Answering your top questions how to treat female pattern hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) in my experience in part 1 of my Q&A series.

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0:38 –QUESTION 1: “Do you actually have Androgenetic Alopecia?”

1:41 –article: hormonal therapy in female pattern hair loss

6:46 –QUESTION 2: “What am I doing exactly regrow my hair?”

7:21 –video link: What I Eat in a Day + PCOS friendly recipes

8:15 –video link: What I Eat in a Day on Vacation: Healthy PCOS Diet

9:12 –Dr. Sarah Wilson’s book–“Finally Lose It”

10:03 –video link: Health update

12:35 –video link: what is asmr?

13:22 –supplements I take for PCOS, hair loss, hypothyroid, adrenal support

14:35 –article: Diagnosis and treatment of female pattern hair loss

17:50 –Topical Hair Products

18:44 –Help My Hair Serum by Bare Hug Naturals

19:44 — Saje Hair Repair Oil

22:36 — QUESTION 3: “Does going bald help?”

23:57 –“Has your hair stopped falling?”

24:55 — video link: Hair update & Health update

25:27 –“Is the most important thing in reversing female pattern hair loss to just reduce stress?”



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