PRP Patient testimonial by Dentist in Ahmedabad, Hair Loss Treatment in Ahmedabad,Gujarat.

PRP Patient testimonial by Dentist in Ahmedabad, Hair Loss Treatment in Ahmedabad,Gujarat.

What Is Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy, and Can PRP Help Treat Hair Loss?

Here’s What You Need to Know About Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment for Hair Loss

Hereditary hair loss is extremely common — it affects about 80 million people in the United States alone — but that doesn’t make it any less distressing. Many men and women battling sudden balding or thinning hair turn to doctors for help.

No side effects are one reason a new treatment called platelet-rich plasma therapy (also known as PRP) has been growing in popularity.

Here, learn what PRP is, who it’s best suited for, and the potential risks to be aware of.

How Does Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy Work Exactly?

During a PRP session, a technician draws blood, usually from a patient’s arm. He or she will then spin the blood to extract plasma. Plasma is a substance found in the blood that contains platelets, which promote hair growth, according to the Rejuva Aesthetica. The technician injects the plasma into areas on the scalp affected by hair loss — usually about 15 to 20 injections per PRP session.

Though it sounds painful, there aren’t any side effects to worry about. You may experience some mild soreness where the injections took place, but you should be able to bounce back post-appointment. “It’s very well tolerated — more than anything, people just feel pressure There’s no anesthetic or anything. People just feel a little bit of tightness and discomfort, and within 30 minutes it’s pretty much done.”

PRP doesn’t deliver results immediately, so you shouldn’t expect to see a full head of hair overnight. You’ll likely need three monthly sessions followed by an appointment four to six months later, and then yearly maintenance sessions after that. The exact schedule of your treatment plan will depend on a few factors, including the amount of hair loss you’re dealing with, as well as your age, hormones, and genetic makeup, according to the Cleveland Clinic. You’ll likely start seeing regrowth before your third and fourth appointment.

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