PRP for Female Hair Loss – More Coverage, Predictable Results with a One-Time PRP Combination

PRP for Female Hair Loss – More Coverage, Predictable Results with a One-Time PRP Combination

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A lady asks if more/multiple platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injection treatments for hair loss improve overall results. She understands that reactions to PRP treatments vary in individuals, but she has heard that people not satisfied with the initial series go for 4th, 5th, and 6th injection treatments to get closer to desired results.

New York hair restoration specialist Amiya Prasad, MD explains in this video that PRP alone to treat hair loss has a limited effect even after multiple sessions, but a PRP combination has dramatic results after a single treatment:

1:30 – Dr. Prasad’s background training, experience with PRP, and work in hair restoration both surgical and non-surgical
2:27 – How PRP is made up of wound healing and growth factors that stimulate collagen and blood supply
2:41 – How Dr. Prasad uses PRP in many different areas of his practice, from scar revision, under eye dark circles, lines and wrinkles treatment, acne scars, and complexion improvement
3:05 – How PRP can in some people stimulate short-term hair growth, and so doctors use this in the plan for PRP hair restoration for their patients, usually with one session a month followed by observation for effectiveness
3:39 – How Dr. Prasad’s patients who underwent PRP therapy usually stop at around four months, as they wonder about how many more they will need, and also inconsistencies with the anaesthetic method where they feel the scalp injections
4:03 – How Dr. Prasad uses PRP for hair loss combined with extracellular matrix is his own system and protocol for the Hair Regeneration treatment, which consists of only one treatment session that can sustain for years to stop hair thinning, reactivate hair that stopped growing, and bringing hair back thicker after it sheds
4:36 – How some patients get a second injection after a year to build on results, but most patients still only need one treatment
5:00 – How the non-surgical hair loss alternative is made for men and women with the most common hair loss problem at 95%, which is androgenetic alopecia AKA pattern hair loss
5:20 – How PRP alone is not as effective as the Hair Regeneration treatment from what Dr. Prasad has seen
5:41 – How some doctors swear by PRP hair loss treatment, but Dr. Prasad does have patients from all over the world coming to him for the treatment since only one session is needed for outstanding results and proven consistency in effectiveness
6:23 – How options for hair loss treatment should be explored, but the Hair Regeneration treatment does take the best aspects of PRP and combines it with other materials for better results

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