Omg! The Best Hair Loss Cure Ever!

Omg! The Best Hair Loss Cure Ever!

Omg! The Best Hair Loss Cure Ever!

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Your hair is supposed to fall out, but then right afterwards it’s supposed to grow back. In other words, at least every 4 years, you lose every single hair on your head, and grow them all back.

So what’s going on when your hair falls out and doesn’t grow back?

Many people will say “genetics,” shrug their shoulders, and tell you there’s nothing you can do.

They’re wrong.

Recent research has shown what happens to trigger your follicles to stop regrowing hair. Everyone has a hormone called Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT for short. It’s a byproduct of testosterone, so men have more of it, but women also produce it.

DHT is a normal, natural hormone. Like any hormone, it carries messages between your organs. DHT is responsible for a lot of growth during puberty. Into adulthood, it plays less of a role, and your body produces less of it.

But for the 85% of men and 40% of women who suffer from hair loss at some point in their lives, their bodies produce too much DHT.2,3

That’s a problem, because imbalanced DHT is linked to the medical issues I mentioned a second ago. And also because, when there’s too much of it swirling through your body, it causes hair loss. Its molecular structure “matches” with your follicles, so it can connect and deliver its hijacking message:

DHT tells your body to STOP regrowing hair. Your follicles start the “Hair Growth” process:

They grow the hair, supporting it for 2-4 years.

They shed the hair, so it falls out.

But then your follicle DOESN’T regrow the hair.

Now you’re missing a single hair. But as DHT runs wild, more and more follicles get stuck in the “shedding” stage. Soon you’re missing several hairs, then dozens, then hundreds, and then you look in the mirror … And your heart sinks as you notice how thin it’s getting up there!

You need a “DHT-inhibitor.”

These are nutrients that reduce your levels of DHT, before that DHT can hijack your follicles. DHT-inhibitors switch back on your Hair Growth Cycle. They match with the DHT in a way that makes this “Hair Loss Hormone” think it’s already delivered its message, so it dissolves away before it can send any messages to your follicles.

Now that your follicles are no longer receiving messages NOT to regrow hair, they’ll go back to the normal Hair Growth Cycle: grow, shed, regrow.

The most effective DHT-inhibitor is a plant called…
Saw Palmetto

In 2002, a doctor named Nelson Prager decided to test it for himself. He organized a study of men aged 23 to 64. He gave half of them an extract of Saw Palmetto, and he gave the other half a placebo (a sugar pill).

After 4 months, he measured the results and saw that…
Patients who took Saw Palmetto extract were 600% more likely to restore thicker hair. And the patients themselves reported that they noticed:

Bald spots shrinking

Increased hair growth, and…

Higher satisfaction with their hair.

The industry was stunned. So they launched more studies to verify these hair-restoring results.

One study1 was performed at the University of Rome. They gave these DHT-inhibitors to over 100 men and women. They repeated Dr. Prager’s original results, only this time on 5x the number of patients. For those with mild-to-moderate hair loss at the beginning of the study, about 75% improved their hair growth. Another 21% were able to STOP losing hair.

For those with more advanced hair loss at the beginning of the study, still about 62% improved their hair growth, and another 25% stopped losing hair. Meanwhile, doctors in Thailand performed a similar study,2 but they took it a step further: they applied Saw Palmetto extract directly to the scalp. And to make sure their results were precise, they counted individual hairs at the beginning and end of the trial!

After 4 weeks, they found 74% more hair!

When I saw how effective Saw Palmetto is at protecting and restoring your hair, I knew it was my answer.

For too many of my patients, hair loss was destroying their self-esteem. So I worked with my team here at Zenith Labs to formulate…
The Hair ReVital X System

We deliver Saw Palmetto in two ways:

In an oral supplement that you swallow…
And in a topical supplement that you apply directly to you scalp.

But unlike other Saw Palmetto supplements, the Hair ReVital X system amplifies the effects of Saw Palmetto with doctor-formulated ingredient blends.

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