My Hair Won't Grow Back "RANT" | 4 Years Later | Traction Alopecia

My Hair Won't Grow Back "RANT" | 4 Years Later | Traction Alopecia

My Hair Won’t Grow Back “RANT” | 4 Years Later | Traction Alopecia
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~LaQuisha Kenyatta~

Hey Guys!
A lot of you have been asking me for a natural hair/alopecia update. I haven’t given you all one because there is nothing to update. My hair still hasn’t grown back on either side and after 4 years of being on this natural hair journey with alopecia, I doubt it ever will without a hair transplant. I have come to terms with the fact that I just won’t have hair on the sides of my head and I am ok with that. I own a hair company, Mahogany Tresses, and throughout this process, I have learned how to make my own wigs. However, although my hair on the sides
(edges) refuse to grow the rest of my hair is flourishing. I did a 2nd big chop (I’ll leave the link below) in August of 2017 because I wanted to give my hair another chance at being great. My hair actually grew back a lot healthier and thicker after the 2nd big chop but my edges said, “ha! you tried it” we ain’t doing no business.

To see more videos of my Natural Hair Journey with Traction Alopecia watch the playlist below:

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**********Types of Alopecia****************
1. Alopecia Totalis – Starts with small, round patches of hair loss and progresses until there is total scalp hair loss.
2. Alopecia Universalis – all body hair is lost
3. Androgentic Alopecia – also known as male-pattern baldness that occurs in both men and women.
4. Alopecia Areata – the sudden or sometimes unrecognized falling out of hair in patches or spots. The affected areas are usually lighter in color due to the poor blood supply to the area.
5. Diffuse Alopecia – also known as alopecia areata incognita, is a rare form of alopecia areata that affects primarily young females, and the hair loss on the head is radical and sudden.
6. Postpartum Alopecia – is temporary hair loss experienced at the end of a pregnancy. Very little normal hair loss occurs during pregnancy but the sudden and excessive shedding takes place from 3-9 months after delivery. The growth cycle generally returns to normal within a year after the baby is delivered.
7. Traction Alopecia – the most common balding disorder among young women and girls with highly textured hair. Baldness occurs when the hair is pulled tight meaning the hair is literally pulled out of the follicle, taking out the hair root and the bulb. Destroying the hair shaft may cause white bumps and pus, or scaling may occur around the affected area.


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