My Hair Loss Journey And Evolution 18-23 Years Old

My Hair Loss Journey And Evolution 18-23 Years Old

This video looks at how many hair has changed from the age of 18-23, from a strong head of hair to verging on a Norwood 3.

I first noticed thinning in my temple region age 18 on a very minor scale, and I was very aware of my slow rate of hair loss for the next 2-3 years. I had good density and thickness until I was around 21 years old, when in January of 2018 I started taking a vitamin supplement called Viviscal Man. This helped regain some of the density as I grew my hair long, but around 12-18 months later it began thinning out again and more severely.

It was around the late summer of 2019 where I decided to buzz my hair short and start taking finasteride 1mg daily. With the short hair I could see how badly I was thinning in my crown region, which I never previously realised, as well as my receding hair line.

I’ve now been using finasteride for just over 3 months as I let my hair grow back out, and it’s growing with better density, strength and thickness than before. I still take Viviscal Man daily as well, but it’s since I started taking finasteride that I’ve seen the most improvement in hair growth.


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