my hair is falling out so i got a wig…

my hair is falling out so i got a wig…

to see more pics of Kim and Stephanie:
I started wearing it June 1 so you can scroll their my IG feed to see the difference. I’ve had lots of requests to do a wig try on + all my fake hair gadgets so I will def get to that next week!

The start of this year, I started experiencing a lot of hair loss. My sweet husband encouraged me to get my first wig. I now have two!! One is named Kim and the other is named Stephanie, Steph for short. I will be giving my natural hair a break as I try all the tips and tricks to grow it back.

I’ve always tried to be transparent with y’all about the “good” and “bad” of my life. I never thought it would be so scary to show you what I believed was the “ugly”. But then I remembered God made me a hot sassy mama. We all are, no matter what shade or circumstances life throws at us. So I made my situation into fun game that I called #danislittlelies. Today I’m telling you EVERYTHING. Thanks for livin’ real life with me. Love y’all #fauxhairdontcare #hairloss #wig #lacewig

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