Menopause and Hair Loss | Hair Recovery Secrets

Menopause and Hair Loss | Hair Recovery Secrets

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Hair loss or hair thinning can be such a devastating blow to a woman in mid life. The major cause of hair loss in women going through menopause or in the 4 to 5 years prior to menopause (called peri-menopause) is a change in the estrogen/testosterone levels in the body. During menopause, your estrogen levels fall and your body has a greater presence of testosterone and the increase of DHT causes your hair to get thinner and fall-out. DHT or dihydrotestosterone is one of the main culprits of hair loss, which shrinks hair follicles.

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ThickTails is an Anti-DHT Hair Growth Program designed to protect your hair from hormonal imbalances caused by menopause, stress and childbirth; leaving you with fuller, thicker, healthier hair with less breakage, more volume & less gray.
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