Make It Stop! My Natural Hair Was Excessively Shedding & Falling Out!

Make It Stop! My Natural Hair Was Excessively Shedding & Falling Out!

Get into what I’ve been using, baby!

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*This video is intended to help women and men of color to combat natural hair shedding and even excessive shedding. If you feel as if your natural hair is shedding excessively there are no true hair treatments to help you. Seek help from a medical specialist concerning your excessive shedding. It may be a deeper underlying issue. Hair treatments will only do so much.*

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✊🏾More about me:
I’m 27 years old.
Colored my hair with a permanent dye in December 2019.
Curly cut in December by a professional stylist
Been natural for almost 8 years since July 2011.
Live on the Westbank of New Orleans, Louisiana.
I have low porosity/high-density natural hair.
2016 was my 4th big chop
I haven’t straightened my hair since 2016
I cut my own hair and do my own trims.
Not a licensed cosmetologist and I don’t do hair.
Started Mega Foods Blood Builders On February 1st, 2020

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