Main Reasons for Hair Loss in Telugu || హార్మోన్స్ లోపం వాళ్ళ వచ్చే జుట్టు సమస్యలు|| Dr.Kiranmayi

Main Reasons for Hair Loss in Telugu || హార్మోన్స్ లోపం వాళ్ళ వచ్చే జుట్టు సమస్యలు|| Dr.Kiranmayi

We love our hair. Don’t we? We cut it, we style it, we love it, and we loathe it. Let’s be honest – we feel sexy and confident with good hair. The time and energy that we put on hair reveals our unique style and passion for beauty and an expression of self-love.
What if these precious locks start falling suddenly? We might think of several reasons which are commonly known for hair loss in men and women, like – humidity, stress levels, chemical treatments and dandruff. But, what if you are losing hair due to hormonal imbalance? We know very little or nothing about hormones and its effect on hair. Hormones actually have a lot to do with your hair! So in this video, you find lot of details about hormonal imbalance and hair loss in both men and women.
Here, we’ve listed names of few hormones that can cause hair fall.
Oestrogen, is popularly known as female hormone plays a vital role in women’s bodies and acts as a friend in many situations when it is properly balanced. This hormone if it gets too much in the body during situations like pregnancy it directly affects thyroid and stops producing thyroxine which will affect hair growth and cause hair fall. Similarly, if you are on harmone replacement therapy, or oral contraceptives and if there is estrogen dominance in periods it will affect the thyroid and hair growth.
When it comes to post partum (after delivery) all the hormones comes to normal level, but little amount of testosterone present after delivery gets converted to DHT that causes hair loss.

In Menopause, estrogen level declines and where as testosterone that continues to exist during menopause is converted to DHT which contributes to thinning of hair.
Similarly in PCOD cases because of high insulin levels, too much androgens are produced in the body which gets converted to DHT and in turn causes hair fall.

Besides, malfunctioning of thyroid gland and autoimmune diseases can also cause hair loss.

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