*LEAKED* 5 WORST Foods that Cause Hair loss (Sugar Diet List) Stop thinning DHT Vitamin Deficiency

*LEAKED* 5 WORST Foods that Cause Hair loss (Sugar Diet List) Stop thinning DHT Vitamin Deficiency

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Today we’ll take you through the top 5 foods that cause hair loss.

The first food on our list to avoid if you want a full head of hair is tuna.

Fish like tuna and mackerel are high in mercury, which can be seriously toxic to follicle health.

Mercury binds to keratin strands in hair, where it affects the metabolic ability of hair follicles and causes hair in the growing phase to fall out

A 2019 study even reported the case of a woman who experienced hair loss after eating a diet high in tuna, with blood tests showing that she had high mercury levels.

After eliminating tuna from her diet the woman saw her mercury levels return to normal.

The second food on our list is anything deep fried!

High-fat diets can result in inflammation at the scalp and the eventual discoloration and loss of hair.

One study found that when mice were fed a high-fat and high-cholesterol diet from 12 to 20 weeks of age, they saw an increased loss of hair, which continued to worsen when the diet was extended to 36 weeks.

The third food to stay away from is candy, because it’s especially high in sugar.

High sugar levels can increase your risk of developing diabetes, which has been linked to a specific type of hair loss.

On top of a great diet, treatments like laser therapy can help to reduce and combat hair loss by using specific wavelengths of red-light energy to encourage blood flow and oxygen to hair follicles.

The 4th food on our list is diet soda.

Aspartame is a common artificial sweetener used in diet sodas and sugarless gums.

One of the negative effects of aspartame is hair loss.

Researchers are not sure exactly how aspartame causes hair loss but its ability to induce oxidative stress, damage cell membranes and induce inflammation could all be responsible.

The last food on our list is cod liver oil or more specifically, foods high in vitamin A

A good balanced diet will provide you with all the vitamins you need as high levels of vitamin A can be particularly toxic.

Over supplementing vitamin A can cause hair loss thanks to its toxic nature and ability to damage hair follicles.

One case study found that a man who took excess vitamin A supplements experienced hair loss to both his head and pubic region.

So avoid these foods and remember, everything in moderation!




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