is Hair important for a man’s look | asking the people of Istanbul

is Hair important for a man’s look | asking the people of Istanbul

Our today’s video is a bit different as we decided to take a walk in Taksim Street in order to know more about people’s opinions regarding hair transplant.
We are too curious to know what represents the hair for them, does it cause a problem if they start to lose their hair and if women prefer a man with hair or without.

Actually, we took this initiative since hair loss has been a significant issue lately, especially due to the daily stress and chronic diseases that we are facing nowadays.
Reasons for hair loss are multiple and the consequences are uncountable.

Evidences have confirmed that hair loss is psychologically damaging, causing depression and low self-esteem. People suffering from hair loss are more likely to experience psychological distress than those with hair.
We wanted to confirm this evidences and interrogate normal people who are visiting the bewitching city, Istanbul.
If you are curious to know their spontaneous opinions, then keep watching!
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