How to Remove Pigmentation / Dark Spots / Melasma / Freckles / Home Remedy /Samyuktha Diaries

How to Remove Pigmentation / Dark Spots / Melasma / Freckles / Home Remedy /Samyuktha Diaries

Remove Hyper pigmentation, Melasma, Dark Spots and Discoloration with this wonderful, natural face mask. You don’t have to use the chemical peelers. If you go for laser treatment or chemical peelers, yes it reduces the melasma or hyperpigmentation dark spots, but its only temporary. It will come back pretty soon, and those treatments have side effects, we all know that. But this is 100% natural face mask to remove pigmentation.

The natural ingredients used in this face pack, also nourish your skin. You can apply it on your face and neck. Its very soothing to your skin, and makes your face glowing.

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