HIMs Hairloss Review Follow-up (WARNING! Side Effects!!)

HIMs Hairloss Review Follow-up (WARNING! Side Effects!!)

WARNING: READ THE SIDE EFFECTS! There are some CRAZY, embarrassing, and unfortunate side effects that you can be hit with taking these prescription drugs.

^ This is a link to the possible side effects of finasteride, Finasteride is the primary ingredient in the HIMS hairloss kit that I reviewed in June. Finasteride also known as propecia is a drug that is designed to fight hairloss in men at it’s source. Unfortunately it carries it’s own host of unfortunate side effects. Such as erectile dysfunction, lack of sex drive, feelings of lethargy, and weakness.

I experienced the FULL weight of these side effects during my short time on the pills, and then even after I had stopped taking my HIMS hairloss medication, I STILL experienced these side effects for weeks!

I am in NO way slandering HIMs or the Doctor that I met with while being prescribed. And I WAS warned of these side effects several times during the sign up process. However, I CHOSE to proceed with the treatment, and I had quickly discovered that these side effects were going to do me in.

I stopped treatment immediately, and two weeks later I was back to normal!

Unfortunately for VERY obvious, and very limp reasons I chose to no longer proceed with my promised six month review.

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