HERBAL HAIR TREATMENT का दो महीने का FINAL REVIEW – Dr Ashok Sinha

HERBAL HAIR TREATMENT का दो महीने का  FINAL REVIEW – Dr Ashok Sinha

whether its male or female .
subhangi waman hair loss has reduced to 60 from 600 hair loss per day.
tushar patil who is grade 7 baldness patient, in his case there is no visible change but microscopic changes on trichoscan are apparent.
his whole head is filled with ostia( new open pore) and small new hair is visible.
these small hair appeared in second month , now they have grown to some length but still very small.
All dupa patients are also very positive.
their hair loss stopped and hair started to grow in length,
all diffuse hair loss patients are also showing positive result.
in two patients hair loss is still there even after taking treatment for a month or two.
mr rajendra desai has some itching on his body , on blood test his serum creatinine was raised.
this is first side effect observed after two months.
this is surprise for us.
all blood sample for toxic metal has been sent and also medicine sample also.
we have to wait and watch for further relation between drug and side effect.
we were suppose to launch it by september end if everything would have been normal.
but since we observed this side effect now we need to establish its relation and also for for regrowth we have to keep the study under observation.
one more thing we also need to observe is behaviour after stopping the treatment.
so please be patient with it.
we are testing this medicine with lots of hopes.
thank you very much for watching.
for any issue contact us on care@adonclinic.com


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