Healthy Hair tips | Routine for full solid closures – length maintenance | Dsmenders Blog

Healthy Hair tips | Routine for full solid closures – length maintenance | Dsmenders Blog

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want to maintain healthy hair? here the tips are:

1. Clean the outside of your hair with cool water before using. Rinse thoroughly.

2. Rinse your hair with a shower gel or shower lather.

3. Wash only the outermost sections of your hair. Only use good quality products – a shampoo or conditioner is not enough. Leave the rest of the hair (and scalp) untreated.

4. Wipe away any excess water with a damp towel. Do not use soap or shampoo as this will strip the protective oils.

5. Wear hair bands. You may choose to keep your hair under a piece of string or a braid, or you may also wear a band around your top knot, and then clip the band around your hair once it is in place.

6. Hair can be treated as follows:

– Washing with conditioner once a week for two weeks (or as recommended by your hair care provider – see above).

– Tossing water, shampoo or conditioner on your hair to loosen up and wash it thoroughly.

– Adding a small quantity of conditioner when you rinse your hair. This could be one drops per week to two drops per day depending on the hair you are treating.

– If hair loss occurs, your hair should be treated to slow the loss and help with regrowth. If hair loss continues, the cause is likely the conditioner. See our section ‘Where Do Shampooing and Treatment Leave My Hair?’

What Is Hair Loss?

Hair loss is the destruction of the natural hair follicles that are produced by the body. It is caused by a change in how the body is preparing itself for pregnancy. Many women experience hair loss while having their first pregnancy but it is not necessarily a sign of severe complications. It could be a symptom of other causes

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