Hair transplant in Mumbai at CARA CLINIC by Dr Asif

Hair transplant in Mumbai at CARA CLINIC by Dr Asif

This video is about FUE hair transplant performed at CARA Clinic Mumbai by Dr. Mohd Asif. A young patient of 27 years of age underwent for hair transplant. We will be discussing the best age of hair transplant, FUE Technique, sapphire FUE, sapphire blades, head wash after hair transplant, hair transplant experience and more.

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Hair loss problem and its solution are a continuous headache for many men. Though considered an age-related sign, Nowadays, Male pattern baldness may start as early as 20 years or before. Recently, thee is a rise in hair transplant surgeries worldwide. Ethical hair transplant gives as close as natural-looking results after hair transplant without any side effects, on the other hand, an unethical hair transplant gives a bad hair transplant.

Like all other hair transplants, a trained hair transplant surgeon should perform the procedure. The DONOR AREA for a Scalp hair transplant could be back of the scalp, beard underneath the chin (small area) or body hair. Hair transplant is performed under local anesthesia, and there will be minimal pain while giving anesthesia.

FUE hair transplant needs a steel punch to harvest grafts and then grafts are stored in Platelet-rich plasma solution (PRP). This increases graft survival time.

We use a sapphire blade to make the incisions. Sapphire blades are made up of gemstones, and they are very sharp, which helps us in getting higher density and early healing of the skin.

It takes six months to one year to get the maximum results for a Scalp transplant. FUE hair transplant does have significant hair transplant risks and usually considered as a painless hair transplant or minimal pain of anesthesia, No significant downtime after the hair transplant, no scar hair transplant or no visible big scar.


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