Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies Review w/ Progress Pics! | Nature's Bounty |

Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies Review w/ Progress Pics! | Nature's Bounty |

*Realistically, you can’t make your hair grow inches and inches per month. At most, this product can help with your hairs/roots HEALTH which, as it naturally grows, may make it appear to be longer, thicker, etc. Thre are other natural remedies and masks you can do for your hair so as it grows, it grows healthy and you won’t have as much breakage, because breakage is what makes it seem like your hair grows slower! Give your hair good nutrients and masks = as the roots that you’ve taken care of grow out, they won’t break so your hair will seem to be getting very long quickly! I hope that makes sense lmao
Since everyone likes to think they can make their hair grow super fast super quick…I decided to try and review the Nature’s Bounty Hair Skin and Nails gummies, along with showing you guys progress pictures and some hair measurements to see if it grew my hair or just made my hair healthy/stronger, or if it did absolutely nothing! I hope you find this helpful! Comment any advice you have, or if you think I should’ve tried this longer then let me know!

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This video is not sponsored. All items were bought with my money and all opinions are my own.
Please keep in mind that what may not work for me may work for you, and vice versa. I’m not a professional in hair care, nail care, or skin care so everything I say comes from my own opinion and experiences.
As the bottle says, don’t take the gummies if you’re nursing, pregnant, planning to become pregnant or taking any other medications.

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