Hair Loss Treatments in 2020 [New Science & Techniques]

Hair Loss Treatments in 2020 [New Science & Techniques]

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NonSurgical hair restoration includes all the ways we can stimulate your hair to grow back naturally, but doesn’t include surgical interventions, like hair transplant surgery.
Any patient with some hair remaining in the areas they want to treat is a candidate for the nonsurgical hair regrowth treatments that we discuss in this video. Each case is unique, and that’s why we feel it’s important for you to come in and meet with the doctor, discuss your medical history, and be clinically evaluated before we can discuss what treatment(s) would work best for you, and what cost, downtime, maintenance plans, etc. might be associated with those.

Dr. Michelle Ellern is a cosmetic physician specializing in nonsurgical treatments. Hair restoration is one of her favorite treatments, because it does yield great, natural results – and because the impact for her patients’ confidence is so big.

PRP injections for hair restoration have been popular for the past few years, but in this video we’re exploring what new science (and proven treatments) have changed this style of hair restoration and will continue to shape this category in 2020.

1. We generally don’t recommend PRP injections alone anymore – we tend to recommend either adding ECM and/or Nanofat. Most patients choose ECM because it doesn’t require them to donate fat, but either of these additives makes the results from PRP so much stronger that we feel it is worth the investment because you’ll need fewer and/or less frequent PRP treatments.

2. We always create a home maintenance plan: this could include topical medicines or pills, supplements, shampoos, and/or low-level lasers. The important thing is to treat any underlying medical conditions or nutritional deficiencies that are preventing hair growth or causing hair loss, and then to create a plan that the patient can stick with in the long term. Consistency matters here.

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