Hair Loss Treatment in Men for Male Pattern Baldness | 3 Primary Treatment Options Explained

Hair Loss Treatment in Men for Male Pattern Baldness | 3 Primary Treatment Options Explained

Hair loss treatment for Men in Male Pattern Baldness.
What is male pattern baldness?
Male pattern baldness is also known as male pattern hair loss or androgenic alopecia scientifically.
What it basically means is thinning or loss of hair from the top of your head or recession of hairline from the frontal area. Androgenic alopecia is the most commonly seen hair loss.

According to the degree of loss, the hair loss is divided into 7 categories.

Causes of male pattern hair loss or baldness

Also the hair on the beard, chest and arms are all resistant to this type of hair loss. Now the reason for these hair loss are primarily two-

1. Genetic History – For example if someones father or maternal/paternal uncle’s have a history of hair loss. The offspring or the children are likely to develop a similar type pf hair loss.

2. Male Hormone called Dihydrotestosterone or DHT for short.

Both these things when combined leads to progressive thinning and shortening of hair on top of the head and this eventually presents as baldness.

How do we treat male pattern baldness or hair loss in men?

Now in the initial stages of androgenic alopecia, you the reverse the degree of hair thinning. Suppose if someone has thin hair on top of their head. They can use various treatments to make those hair thicker and stronger. That in turn gives them better appearance and density.

There are basically three moralities of treatments for androgenic alopecia-

1. Minoxidil – Now minoxidil basically works on the blood vessels of your scalp and makes them bit dilated. So that it increases the blood flow of the scalp and causes thickening and strengthening of the hair so the hair become thicker giving you a better density. It may take 6 to 12 months to give you the desired result and it has be continued till the time you want the results.

2. In PRP hair loss treatment a small amount if blood is taken from your forearm like its is done in a blood test and then it is processed to prepare the PRP.

PRP is rich in growth factors which can be injected into the scalp to induce the hair growth in the effected area.

3. Finasteride – which basically blocks the DHT production. Since DHT is not on the scalp it allows the thin hair to become thicker and stronger. How it can help? It improves the hair density on top of your head by making the same hair stronger and fuller.

Role of Hair Transplant in Male Pattern Hair Loss-

These 3 methods are helpful when there are thin hair on top of your head. As these treatments can make tin hair thicker. If you have almost completely lost the hair on top of your head in that situation hair transplant is required. If there is a significant recession of hair line and all the hair in front of that line are lost then hair transplant gives you a significantly good density.

Hair transplant essentially means ate transfer of hair from the back side of your head or under surface of your Jawline or chest or other body parts to the bald areas where they keep on growing for a very long time.

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