Hair Loss Treatment – AFB Sydney

Hair Loss Treatment – AFB Sydney

At our clinic we use PRP for a variety of applications including skin rejuvenation, acne scarring, hair loss and for sexual health problems for both men and women.

PRP for Hair Loss offers a non-surgical, non-hormonal and totally natural treatment for hair loss or hair thinning. When the patient’s own concentrated platelets are injected into the target tissue, a healing process is triggered that restores blood flow and improves the health and function of hair follicles during their growth phase, and extends the duration of this growth phase.

PRP stands for “Platelet Rich Plasma”. The treatment itself is natural tissue regenerative therapy using a small sample of the patient’s own blood to harvest high platelet concentrated plasma. This is then injected into the target tissue, relying on platelets to release their special growth factors (of which there are 126), which in turn recruits the bodies regenerative stem cells to rejuvenate and repair the target tissue. For example if PRP is injected into the skin, growth factors from the platelets stimulate new collagen and elastin formation to help repair the skin. PRP can be applied to any area in the body to stimulate healing, and has been used for over a decade in orthopaedics, maxilo-facial surgery and sports medicine.

With PRP for hair regrowth we offer both REGEN and PURE PRP II with EMCYTE, the latter giving you the ability to get a super-high concentration of platelet rich plasma. It’s a quick, comfortable and low risk treatment: We start with a Quick consult, Take blood, Spin it off, Inject with minimal discomfort – and at our clinic we have developed our technique over time using an anaesthetic block to minimise discomfort, while avoiding negatively affecting the platelet rich plasma. Treatment has no downtime, We typically recommend 3 sessions initially one month apart and then a top up treatment once a year.

The most important decision you can make when you first detect hair loss is early medical intervention. The goal is to prolong the hair follicle life cycle and enable regrowth – once the hair follicle has died, it cannot be repaired and hair loss will be permanent. Our patients have been very happy with PRP treatment for hair loss. The majority of our clients are seeing improvements in hair density and retention within the first couple of months, with some clients even experiencing hair regrowth in sparse areas.

Contact us for a Consultation, in which we will tailor a treatment plan optimally suited to your personal circumstances and unique goals – because we recognise that every patient is different and we are committed to delivering desirable outcomes for each and every individual client.


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