Hair Loss in Patches | Self-Help Tips

Hair Loss in Patches | Self-Help Tips

Alopecia Areata shows up as small patches of areas with hair loss which join together to form larger patches. This could lead to no hair on the scalp or the body. Although alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease, stress plays a role in aggravating it.

A study at Michigan State University showed how stress receptors transmit signals to certain immune cells and release chemical substances that lead to inflammatory and allergic diseases. Hence manage your stress well to keep the spread of patches under control. Practice yoga, deep breathing exercises and meditation to relax. When there is a lack of Vitamin D in the body, this may aggravate the condition causing hair loss in patches. Early morning sunlight exposure helps to synthesize 90% of Vitamin D in our body. So make sure you get enough of the early morning sun. The use of natural Vitamin D supplements also helps in combating hair fall problems.

To know more such tips and help yourself or someone else who is suffering from this dreadful disorder, tune in to the latest episode of #GoodHealthAndHomeopathy with Dr. Mukesh Batra. #AskDrBatras about Hair Loss in Patches.
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