Hair Loss And Keto

Hair Loss And Keto

Hair loss is a common side effect whilst following a Ketogenic program. BUT IS IT PERMANENT? Dr. Westman answers your hair loss questions in this Adapt-exclusive video.

To find out more about the hair loss questions that were asked, see the comment section below.

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Sandra 3:05

My hair has surely thinned a lot on top of my head since on strict keto for 18 months. Is there any supplement that may help this. Is there a particular element in the Ketogenic diet that should be emphasized or reduced? Thank you


Is there a particular element in the keto diet that should be emphasized or reduce?

Susan 3:52

My hair has thinned out even more at the top, I can see it coming out in the comb.

Allison 4:19

My hair has been falling out for the last 12 plus month, and I’m taking collagen, biotin, b-complex, D- 3 iodine and a whole slew of other things.

4:51 Lidia

I have noticed a lot of thinning hair on the top of my head. Getting downright scary. Not sure if it is my age (61) of Keto. Taking Biotin and not sure how much I need to take every day, also doing a whole concoction of oils and essential oils and massaging into scalp every night for 15 minutes. Fractionated Coconut, jojoba, saw palmetto, avocado, castor oils and Cypress, rosemary and cedarwood essential oil. Also take collagen peptides – 1 scoop every day.

5:30 Lindy

What about not having enough protein?

Shana 5:50

What about blood thinners?

6:19 Mary

I heard that hair would fall out, but then regrow?


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