Hair Loss | 2 essay remedy for hair loss | Home remedies | Brijwasi Girl

Hair Loss | 2 essay remedy for hair loss | Home remedies | Brijwasi Girl

Hair Loss | 2 essay remedy for hair loss | Home remedies | Brijwasi Girl

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Coconut oil has amazing benefits for your hair and overall skin, which make it a very versatile product. First, it is rich in lauric acid, protecting the hair against breakage and preventing protein loss. It is also antibacterial, thus keeping your scalp healthy and clean. It is also a source of vitamin E, vitamin K and iron, which boost hair growth. Massaging coconut oil into the scalp will improve blood circulation and make proteins to get to the follicles, ensuring your hair will grow thicker too. These properties make coconut oil a great natural alternative to chemical products who might promise the same.

When you crack open a raw egg, you reveal two distinct parts: the yellow egg yolk and egg white (albumen). While the yolk contains all the fat in the egg, the egg white contains most of the protein.

Egg whites are complete proteinscontaining all the essential amino acids. You need protein in your diet to build, maintain, and replace the tissues in your body — including your hair.

Protein for healthy hair

The hair shaft has three layers:

Medulla. This is the soft, inner layer of the hair shaft, only seen in large and thick hairs.Cortex. This middle layer of the hair shaft provides the hair’s strength, color, and texture.Cuticle. This is the thin, colorless outer layer of the hair shaft that protects the cortex.

Onion juice may be effective for hair loss in some instances. It may also restore luster and shine. Onion juice could also prevent premature graying of hair and treat dandruff.

Here’s a full list of the claimed benefits of onion juice for hair care:

alopecia treatmentinflamed, dry, or itchy scalphair lossdandruffthinning hairdry or brittle hairprematurely graying hairscalp infection

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