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Hair growth oil | Hair fall solution | Hair fall treatment | Hair fall control oil  | Telugu Wall

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Madhara tree leafs
curry leafs
coconut oil

To make hair fall control oil first we have to take coconut oil in a bowl then add curry leafs and mandhara leafs to coconut oil. Now bring the bowl to flame. boil ingredients containing oil for 10 to 15 minutes. Now switch off stove and cool down oil to room temperature. Store the oil in a bottle and apply to your hair as you required. These oil stop hair loss and regrow your hair and Thinning hair.

Dandruff is not the only reason behind your hair fall. when it come to hair loss, there are number of potential triggers, the first one is genetic, that can make you more predisposed to hair thinning and balding. your hair follicles gradually shrink and produce hair that are slightly finer and shorter with each passing hair growth cycle. This can get aggravated further with certain types of pills or hormonal therapies. other factors such as Vitamin deficiencies, stress, lack of hair hygiene, medications. crash diets, pollution and chemical treatments also contribute hair fall.

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