Hair Gains Review for Lupus Hair Loss | Lupus Health Shop | Lupus Life Hacks®

Hair Gains Review for Lupus Hair Loss | Lupus Health Shop | Lupus Life Hacks®

Say goodbye to taking supplements every day with little to no results for hair loss and hair breakage😤. Ashley suffered from hair loss, bald spots, and fragile hair from steroid injections and Lupus.

Hear her hair loss struggle(with 4b/4c hair) turn to success using Hair Gains oil by Lupus Health Shop😍

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Hair Gains hair oil:

– For ALL hair types (4a, 4b, 4c too!)

– Ingredients: Organic and cold-pressed castor oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, Jamaican black castor oil, rosehip oil

– No need for separate biotin, folic acid or vitamin E supplements. This has every vitamin, mineral and, fatty acids that your scalp and hair need using natural ingredients listed above.

– No heat processing or nasty chemicals. Ingredients are in a pure form!
– Use 2x a week until satisfied with results, then 1-2x a month for maintenance.
– Easy to use:
1. Simply part your hair in 4 even sections from front to back.
2. Take 1/4 of the dropper per section and dampen your scalp and surrounding hair with oil and massage gently until damp.
3. Cover your hair with a silk wrap and go about your day or sleep in it overnight.
4. Depending on your hair type, wash out using conditioner first, then shampoo as normal.

Take advantage of the discount code above and see the hair gains you’ve been wishing for!
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