Gofybr – Barbershop Transformation – No More Thinning Hair

Gofybr – Barbershop Transformation – No More Thinning Hair

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From Hair loss to Hero in seconds!!
Forget expensive Hair transplants (FUE or FUT), forget the spray cans, pills and potions..…simply try our all natural cotton fibers; Gofybr!! Get full, luscious looking hair in seconds with our Free Sample bottle;

We can’t convey enough what a difference Gofybr will make to your confidence. Discover how quickly — and naturally you’ll appear to have a healthy, full head of hair in seconds. We know it won’t make much sense how it exactly works properly until you watch this video;

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“No more glances at your hairline, comments, or mistaking you for someone ten years older. That. Ends. Here. With Gofybr!”

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Say goodbye to feeling embarrassed and insecure, believing you look old before your time. Stays firmly in place — resists sweat and rain – you won’t find it on your pillow, or your shoulders, or anywhere else you don’t want it! Go about your day, worry-free

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Simply shake Gofybr onto to your hair and pat it, causing friction. This instantly and firmly bonds Gofybr to your hair — the result of the triboelectric effect created by the opposite polarities of your hair and the Gofybr particles.

Gofybr’s natural cotton binds to your hair – AND it breathes. Some products use low grade fibres like keratin or wool — that suffocates your hair and can even cause further hair loss. Other fibre products end up on your pillow in the morning. Not very encouraging (and maybe a deal breaker if you’ve got someone in bed with you)

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James Crowley – Founder Story

I had just turned 26. I proposed marriage. She said yes.
Then suddenly, it hit me.
I was losing more hair every day. By our wedding day in a year — I could be walking down the aisle bald.
That reality hit me — hard.
Just about every man in my family had lost their hair — I knew what was coming — but thinking about being bald on my wedding day? It was a massive blow to my self-confidence… And, it was my wake-up call. Not knowing what to do, I decided to control what I could. I started working out, getting in great shape, trying to make up for looking older than I really was…. r