Fibel Churn | Fibel Laxative | Best Ayurvedic Medicine For To Treat Constipation

Fibel Churn | Fibel Laxative | Best Ayurvedic Medicine For To Treat Constipation

Fibel Churn | Fibel Laxative | Best Ayurvedic Medicine For To Treat Constipation
Fibel Churn with its unique Ayurveda based formula is the perfect solution to all your kabz related problems
The advantages of ayurvedic preparation is that it does not cause any side effects. It is also beneficial for the people suffering with gas, abdominal distension, heaviness in abdomen.
Senna It acts by irritating the bowel lining and acts as the stimulant laxative, thereby, relieving the constipation.

YashtimadhuIt acts as a mild laxative and is good for controlling stomach diseases, mouth ulcers & peptic ulcers.

IspaghulaIt is used to increase fecal volume for smooth passage of stool.

Sendha Namak Also known as Rock salt. It helps in relieving indigestion and bloating.

Kala NamakAs Senna is a strong laxative stimulant, Kala Namak is an antispasmodic agent

AjwainIt acts as an antispasmodic, carminative and antiflatulence.

SvarjikasaraIt is an ayurvedic form of sodium bicarbonate and acts as an antacid to relieve heartburn.

TriphalaIt is a natural cleanser that rejuvenates the digestive organs for better secretion. Bellirica & Embilica Officinalis provide anti-oxidants to remove toxic substances from the intestine.

HaritakiIt is a natural laxative that helps in relieving constipation.

AmaltashIt contain hepato-protective properties & help in relieving indigestion & abdominal gas

SaunfIt is a purgative (strong Laxative) & hepato-protective herb and is enriched with a number of minerals to sooth the intestinal walls to promote efficient functioning.

SonthIt is a digestive carminative herb to promote digestion in the body and to speed up the digestion process.

JeeraIt acts as an antiflatulent agent. It also acts in relieving pain caused due to flatulence, bloating and gas.

Rose PetalIt acts as a mild laxative and carminative that helps treat indigestion.

PeppermintIt acts as an antispasmodic. It also relieves the symptoms of indigestion.

Castor Oil It works by increasing the movement of the intestines, thus, helping the stool to come out.

Constipation occurs when you have fewer than three bowel movements in a week. Constipation is a common digestive issue in which bowel movements are infrequent or difficult to pass

A wide range of factors can lead to constipation:

Lack Of Fiber In The Diet.

Lack Of Physical Activity.

Aging Reduces Efficiency Of Digestive System.

Low Fluid Intake

Certain Medications (Such As Antidepressants, Painkillers, Certain Antacids And Iron Supplements, Anticonvulsants, Antispasmodic Etc.

Changes In Your Life Or Daily Routines, Such As Travelling.

Poor Bowel Habits (Ignoring The Urge To Go).

GI Tract Problems Or Disorders, Such As Irritable Bowel Syndrome Etc.

Various Medical Conditions And Diseases, Including Diabetes, Hypothyroidism Etc.

precautions :-

Do not use this in case of abdominal pain or diarrhoea.

Discontinue use if diarrhoea or watery stools occur.

Patient of hypertension, hepatic & renal disorder should consult physician prior to taking medicine.

Do not use in case of Pregnancy and Lactation.

Not to be used by children below 12 years of age.

KABZEND is an Ayurvedic product that can be taken for long term use and is not habit forming.

How to have KABZEND?

When To Have ?

2 Hours After Meal At Bedtime

How To Have ?
Take One Teaspoonful (5gms) With Lukewarm Water
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