Eric Trexler on Creatine and Hair Loss, Caffeine and Strength, and More

Eric Trexler on Creatine and Hair Loss, Caffeine and Strength, and More

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You always hear about supplements for fat loss and muscle gain, but what about strength?

What are the best supplements for getting stronger, and how well do they work?

What’s the best way to take them?

To answer these questions, I invited Dr. Eric Trexler to come on the podcast and discuss the science behind strength supplements, including two of the most popular and effective ones—caffeine and creatine.

In case you’re not familiar with Eric, he’s the Director of Education for Stronger by Science, and is one of the main contributors to MASS, one of my favorite monthly research reviews.

In this episode, he answers questions like . . .

-Does caffeine tolerance affect its performance boost?

-Should you load creatine or not?

-Does creatine cause hair loss?

-What are nitric oxide boosters and which are worth taking?

-And more . . .

So, if you want to learn more about the science of supplementation for boosting your performance in the gym, check it out!

23:13 – How does caffeine affect the body?

32:12 – What are some food interactions that affect caffeine?

39:18 – Caffeine tolerance and how it affects performance

47:44 – How to maximize caffeine benefits in everyday workouts

50:28 – How does caffeine affect fat loss?

56:52 – Creatine and muscle building

1:00:17 – Should you mix creatine and caffeine?

1:05:34 – Should you load creatine or not?

1:08:16 – Does creatine cause hair loss?

1:19:45 – Does creatine cause bloating?

1:22:54 – Nitrous oxide and nitric oxide boosters

1:29:09 – Where can people find you and your work?

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