Dr. Diep Scar FUE Hair Transplant Scar Hairline Bald Hair Loss Treatment w/ Minimal Scars

Dr. Diep Scar FUE Hair Transplant Scar Hairline Bald Hair Loss Treatment w/ Minimal Scars

Demonstration of more than a year FUE donar scar gives you tiny dots of scars giving you the ability to wear your hair short. All hair transplant leaves a scar, but FUE is less visbile as FUT (strip method) will leave a linear scar. Good results will be given with FUE OR FUT. FUE has less chance of infection, the number of grafts that can be done is 2,500-3,000 grafts a procedure. This method can be done with advanced hair loss, but more FUE sessions will occur. The growth rate with FUE is 5-10% density less than FUT. FUT has longer recovery, more inavasive, there is a larger number of hair grafts, the growth rate is 5-10% more density. This video demonstrates more than 2,000 hair graft harvested over than a year.

Dr. Diep is the leading authority in the art of FUT & FUE, Follicular Unit Extraction, hair transplant, natural & dense hairline restoration, filling in bald vertex/crown, beard, goatee, mustache, sideburns & other facial hair surgery such as eyebrows. Through many years of experience, Dr. Diep invented his own FUE instruments and “DFC” Diep FUE Curve technique to harvest all type of hair, including curly hair roots of African origin, performing thousands of hair restoration transplantation, including celebrities in Beverly Hills, professional athletes throughout the United and famous wealthy people from different countries.
MHTA clinic also provides hair restoration for men & women with frontal hair loss, bald mid scalp, balding or thinning vertex/crown, eyebrows transplant, FUE corrective hair surgery to fix PLUGS, fill in scar from face lift, past strip hair transplant and burn. For more information, please call 408-356-8600 or 866-999-6482 or visit our website at www.mhtaclinic.com.

FUE Hair Transplant vs. Strip (FUT) method: The one method is called the traditional “Strip” harvesting and the other is FUE. Strip harvesting involves cutting a strip of skin in the back of your head and dissects it down under a microscope to each individual follicle before transplanting one graft at a time into the bald spot. The PRO for strip harvesting are: cheaper than FUE, move more hair at one time, called mega session performing up to 6,000 grafts per session per day and 5%-15% better yield than FUE method in term of harvesting and growth. The CON for Strip harvesting are: a little bit more invasive, possible numbness and a small line of scar in the back of the head. On the other hand, the (FUE) Follicular Unit of Extraction hair transplant means extracting one graft at a time from the donor site. The PRO for FUE are: LESS VISIBLE SCAR even when the head is shaved completely, LESS INVASIVE, less bleeding, less chance of numbness and less painful during recovery. Actually, there are many small punctated scars from the FUE method which scattered throughout the head and cannot easily be seen. The CON for FUE are: more expensive than the strip harvesting because it is more time consuming and more demanding on the skill and time of the surgeon. The other CON of FUE are; the maximum amount of graft that can be harvested in one sitting is limited to 3,000 grafts per day on straight hair but only 2,500 grafts for curly black African hair, the percent harvest and growth is around 5%-15% less than the strip method as there is more chance of injuring grafts and rare cyst formation which normally resolve by itself.

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