Does NUTRAFOL Work For HAIR LOSS (Hair Growth Vitamin Pill) Ingredients, Before After Results Review

Does NUTRAFOL Work For HAIR LOSS (Hair Growth Vitamin Pill) Ingredients, Before After Results Review explores what is Nutrafol and how does it combat Hair Loss? Learn about how Nutrafol’s ingredients work to regrow hair and some of the potential side effects. We also quickly cover Giorgos Testis story about his struggle with Finasteride and how he created his supplement.


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One of the new hair growth products to hit the market is Nutrafol.

Nutrafol is an oral supplement for men and women that targets hair loss.

With their unique formula, they claim to have one of the most advanced hair loss supplements on the market.

Nutrafol’s CEO is Giorgos Tsetis, a former male model who decided to create a hair loss supplement that actually worked, after the hair loss medication he was prescribed left him with impaired sexual function.

So what does Nutrafol actually do?

Nutrafol’s point of difference is that their supplements aim to reduce hair loss by targeting four different causes.

Nutrafol’s first claim is that it blocks the production of DHT, which is an androgen hormone formed from testosterone that can lead to hair loss.

DHT attacks hair follicles and causes them to miniaturize, eventually leading to hair thinning and falling out.

Nutrafol contains saw palmetto, a fruit extract that has shown possible anti-DHT properties.

One animal study showed that when saw palmetto was added to human skin cells that were treated with DHT, hair density and thickness increased when compared to DHT skin cells that were not given palmetto.

The second target of Nutrafol is stress, which can result in hair thinning and falling out.

Cortisol is an important stress hormone that can damage follicles and interrupt the hair growth phase.

Nutrafol contains ashwagandha, a plant root that was shown in one study to substantially reduce stress and cortisol levels when given in high concentrations.

The third target of Nutrafol is free radicles.

Free radicles can be responsible for aging and the breakdown of molecules.

Nutrafol claims to stop free radicle damage through tocotrienols, one of its active ingredients.

Tocotrienols are a form of vitamin E that act as strong antioxidants and are thought to reduce oxidative stress at the scalp caused by free radicals.

One study showed that patients given tocotrienols over 8 months showed a 34.5% increase in hair.

The last target of Nutrafol is inflammation.

Inflammation is thought to play a major role in the miniaturization of hair follicles and hair loss.

Nutrafol contains curcumin, a turmeric extract that has been shown to reduce levels of inflammatory factors and possibly play a role in modulating immune responses.

So does Nutrafol actually work?

Evidence from a clinical trial shows that Nutrafol holds a lot of promise.

Participants of the trial were all female and were given Nutrafol over a 6 month period.

The results showed that participants saw a significant increase in hair compared to the control group.

Participants also reported improved hair volume, thickness, and hair growth rate.

But are there any side effects?

Unlike many other hair loss treatments, Nutrafol claims to have no reported side effects.

While it is still early days and more research needs to be done, Nutrafol seems to be an exciting new hair growth development!


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