Day 7 – Free weight loss diet plan for entire year

Day 7 – Free weight loss diet plan for entire year

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References on fenugreek / methi daana

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Science Direct

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Good for heart
Fenugreek seeds are helpful in reducing cholesterol levels on blood and thus are good for heart.These seeds are rich in fibre and have anti-inflammatory properties which are useful for heart.

Glowing skin
Fenugreek seeds are helpful to get a glowing skin. Paste of fenugreek seeds and honey is a good remedy to treat scars, acne and blackheads on face.

Good for lactating mothers
Fenugreek seeds are known to enhance breast milk production to lactating mothers.

Boosts Testosterone in men
Some fenugreek supplements are also used by men as they are helpful in boosting the testosterone levels.


Treats Dandruff
Fenugreek seeds are rich in protein and zinc that are are good to reduce hair fall and makes the hairy shiny and healthy.Paste of fenugreek seeds made with coconut oil is an excellent remedy for dandruff and it nourishes the scalp too.

Helps in Digestive problems
Fenugreek seeds are helpful in digestion and control the acidity in our stomach. These are also good in treating diarrhoea.

Helps to control Diabetes
Fenugreek seeds are used to control diabetes. 1 tbsp of these seeds are soaked overnight in water and consumed empty stomach early morning have shown great results to control blood sugar level.
Please see the above mentioned references for the same.

Weight Loss
Some studies have shown results of weight loss with regular usage of fenugreek seeds.These seeds contain compounds like galactomannan which keeps our stomach full for a longer time. Fenugreek seeds can be chewed or used as soaked in water.

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