CREATINE: How to take it for Muscle Growth (Creatine Science)

CREATINE: How to take it for Muscle Growth (Creatine Science)

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Creatine is by far one of the most popular fitness & bodybuilding supplements in the market with a tonne of science backing it’s effectiveness whether its creatine monohydrate to build muscle or creatine to lose fat. However there still seem to be a large amount of confusion about not only what does creatine do but how to take creatine monohydrate for maximum creatine results whether it be supplementing with creatine to build muscle or creatine to lose fat.

This is why i am making this vid as in it i go over all the science of creatine, covering likely every creatine question you currently have such as:

• What does creatine do
• How does creatine work
• How to take creatine for fat loss
• How to take creatine to build muscle
• Creatine loading
• Is creatine safe
• Creatine side effects
• What is the best type of creatine
• When to take creatine
• Can women take creatine
• Does creatine cause hair loss
• Are there creatine responders & non responders

So yes, a very comprehensive creatine science vid along with a full vlog & full day of eating to not only have you learning about creatine monohydrate but also remaining entertained at the same time.

Now when i say creatine here, i am talking mostly about creatine monohydrate as that is by far the most researched form of creatine in the science when it comes to studies on creatine for muscle growth or creatine to lose fat. There are of course other types of creatine on the market but as you’ll see in the vide, other than some minor benefits that aren’t even to do with the creatine molecule itself, none seem to be any better than simple creatine monohydrate for both muscle growth & fat loss.

Finally, like i said, I have gone & written a whole blog & summary of the creatine science with all the references to the creatine science that I referenced to on my website.

Blog link –
Just something short & simple to summarise all the main creatine effects & ways to take creatine for you to be able to continually refer back to if you’re ever unsure about something creatine related along with all the creatine science links for those who want to read more into the science of creatine & truly dial in how to talk creatine for maximum creatine results whether it be supplementing with creatine to build muscle or creatine to lose fat.

Anyway, sit back relax & enjoy a full Fitness & food vlog & full day of eating all while learning about how to take creatine for maximum creatine results whether it be supplementing with creatine to build muscle or creatine to lose fat. Learn about the creatine side effects, when to take creatine i.e. creatine preworkout or creatine post workout & much much more so that you leave the vid 100% clear as to how to take creatine to achieve your own creatine before & after results.

As always, if you want another supplement science vid or just like tge full day of eating fitness science vlogs then let me know by remembering to:


& let me know what you think? Do you take creatine? If so what type of creatine? When do you take creatine & your creatine before & after or creatine results stories?

Finally, as always keep firing those suggestions below for any other vid ideas that you’d like me to integrate into these raw vlogs full day of vids & 24 hour long food challenges. The response to the scientific ones is always touch & go so let me know.

•10×10 bench
•5 rounds of flyes super. Chest press
•5 rounds of 200mtr ski, 200mtr row, 20 push-ups
•2min plank, 50 mountain climbers, amrap push-ups


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