Causes of Female Hair Loss Menopause

Causes of Female Hair Loss Menopause

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One of the possible causes of female Hair loss can be menopause. Hair Loss has been affecting men and women since the beginning of time. Only when the threads start clogging the shower drains and piling up on the brush do we realize how precious our hair is. The problem usually begins with aging and hormonal issues, but it’s not uncommon to see young folks suffer from hair loss. Some of the major causes of hair loss in the modern age have been pointed out to be psychological stress, lack of proper diet, side effects from medications and so on.
Menopause is a biological natural process that all women experience at some point. The female body goes through a large number of physical changes and hormone levels are often fluctuating. With the menopause, most women also face insomnia, mood swings, stress, anxiety, and so on. But the effects are not limited to just these. Women have been known to experience hair loss during menopause.
Hair loss isn’t as apparent and clearly visible in women as it is in men. In most cases, women experience overall hair thinning instead of noticeable bald spots on top of the head. Hair thinning usually occurs on the top, sides, or front of the head. Since the hair is weakened, there can be large clumps of hair falling out while brushing and showering.
Researchers have pointed out the major reason for hair loss during menopause to be hormonal imbalance. To be more specific, the production of estrogen and progesterone is greatly affected and their production is lowered after the menopause. These are the hormones responsible for the healthy growth of hair. When the production of these hormones (estrogen and progesterone) start dropping, the rate of hair growth slows down and it’s not as thick as before. Overall, the hair becomes weak and unable to stick to the head for longer periods.
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