Can hair loss occur due to thyroid issues? Will it grow back? – Dr. Rasya Dixit

Can hair loss occur due to thyroid issues? Will it grow back? – Dr. Rasya Dixit

A very common hormonal problem experienced by young men and women today is thyroid dysfunction. This can be a low performing thyroid which is called as hypothyroid or a hyperthyroid patient. The thyroid hormone is unique that its metabolism affects almost every organ in the body. So it is one of the central hormones. A deficiency of thyroid means slow turnover of cells, brittle hair, brittle nails which tends to fall out. A hyperthyroid state means your vitamins are going to get consumed very fast and your metabolism is very fast. Again it causes a hairfall. So when there is a thyroid dysfunction, it is very important that the thyroid dysfunction has to be corrected correctly, either with a physician or an endocrinologist. Second stage is what is the hair loss due to in thyroid disease? Hyperthyroidism especially has altered the absorption of other vitamins like vitamin B, vitamin B12, as well as iron metabolism. And these people are also prone for anaemia. So keeping these things in mind, you should make sure you are getting your vitamins checked at the same time, making sure your diet is adequate , and keeping your TSH at normal level. The good news about thyroid hormone is that it will grow back but it does take much more time than a person who is euthyroid. So if you feel it is not growing as fast as you would expect it to, dermatologists can help you by suggesting you a low level laser therapy that will increase the metabolism in the hair follicle this is a treatment that can be done in the clinic and not painful and will show results in 2 to 3 months after starting the treatment.


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