Bloomberg’s Wacko Campaign FULLY Exposes His Disdain for America | Ep 530

Bloomberg’s Wacko Campaign FULLY Exposes His Disdain for America | Ep 530

Mini Mike Bloomberg cannot stop putting his tiny foot in his mouth. From insulting farmers’ intelligence to telling women to kill their babies, this supposedly elite savior is fumbling every chance he gets to win over voters. Then, President Trump made history at the Daytona 500 by taking a lap around the track in The Beast, his presidential limo. Of course, the D.C. and New York crowd sneered at this, because NASCAR fans are better off ignored. This is why they will lose in 2020. Finally, Mark Zuckerberg is shirking the responsibility of running Facebook by begging the government to implement regulations that would limit free expression on the internet. If we’re not careful, this could mean the end of freedom of speech.

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