Big Head, Bald Head? Discussing Skull Expansion Theory

Big Head, Bald Head? Discussing Skull Expansion Theory


#Hairloss, or specifically #androgenicalopecia and #malepatternedbaldness are some of the most highly misconstrued subjects in the world of mainstream science. The most widely accepted hypothesis is that #DHT is what causes hair loss, and although an arguable simple explanation for why 85% of men experience hair loss compared to the 50% of women, there are countless flaws and holes in this theory. In attempt to understand how and why hair loss tends to occur with age, when DHT and androgen production is low, theories such as #skullexpansion have been developed and explored.

The idea of skull expansion supports the DHT hypothesis but rather than accuse present time serum/tissue levels of DHT, the idea is that elevated DHT and its anabolic effects on bone metabolism leads to the overgrowth of the skull bone, which puts a mechanic stress on the scalp leading to inflammation and hair loss.

Although there is some merit to this theory, it is ultimately inaccurate and overlooks the true pathology of #scalpfibrosis, #softtissuecalcification and the effects of #estrogen and #prolactin on bone and skin health.

This video aims to expand on the theory of skull expansion-induced hair loss and provide a more accurate explanation of #hairloss and #MPB.


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