Better than the Best Hair fiber | Best & Affordable hair loss concealer Hindi

Better than the Best Hair fiber  | Best & Affordable hair loss concealer Hindi

Better than the Best Hair fiber | Best & Affordable hair loss concealer Hindi

I have used a very unique product for concealing my baldness. This is one of the best Hair loss concealer I have ever used. So far I have been using many hair fibers like caboki hair fiber, toppik hair fiber which are all very expensive. When I came across this product which actually is not known widely for hiding bald spots and thinning hair, I was just amazed to see the results.This unique hair loss concealer worked well for me and that too its available at a cheap price. It can stay all day long if applied properly. I will make a separate video especially for this product if majority of the viewers are interested to know. This hair loss concealer can also be used along with the best hair fibers available in the market like Caboki hair fiber, Topikk hair fiber, Looks 21 hair fiber. This product is almost similar to dermmatch, However I have not used Dermmatch so i cannot claim the same with confidence. Dermmtach being very expensive this unique hair loss concealer is a good option and can be tried once. I will make one more detailed video on the feed back of this hair loss concealer soon. You all can see the before and after results after using this alternative for hair fibers. This hair loss concealer has to be applied on scalp and hair but please note that hands can turn dark black while applying. This product can be used along with small quantities hair building fibers for superb results and more fuller looks and volume added to hairs. Although i used with using any hair fiber. I also used “Urban gabru” zero to infinity clay hair wax for more holding of hairs and more volume of hairs. For me the combination of this hair loss concealer and clay hair wax worked well. I will upload a detailed review video for this hair loss concealer and also mention its advantages and drawbacks.

Disclaimer: I used this unique hair loss concealer which is not meant actually for hiding the bald areas of scalp. I used on experimental basis. Viewers may try experimenting on their own risk and after their medical consultation if required.

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