Best ONION JUICE recipe for natural hair growth

Best ONION JUICE recipe for natural hair growth

Step-by-step instructions for an Onion Juice recipe with a boost. All ingredients used are backed by science 🤓

– Onion Essential Oil also provides the same benefits. Onion essential oil is potent so make sure you mix it with a carrier oil. Black Castor Oil is a great option.
– To mask an onion smell, add essential oils to your shampoo to wash it out. Also, add an essential oil to whatever oil and/or cream you use to style your hair.
– Make sure to keep your eyes closed while washing out the onion juice recipe so the pepper does not get into your eyes.
– The cayenne pepper also does a great job at opening your pores on your face. So, this is a great time to use a really good facial moisturizer on your face b/c it will penetrate really well.
– Its safe to use this Onion Juice recipe on the same day you use a Clay Cleanser, REAL Protein Treatment, Herbal Hot Oil Treatment, Rice Water Rinse and ACV Rinse.

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