Best Essential Oil Combination For Hair Growth & Boost

Best Essential Oil Combination For Hair Growth & Boost

Healthy hair is like a prized possession for any woman or man. It makes us look young and confident and enhances our beauty and personality.

On the other hand losing hair can cause panic and depression which may lead to trying many commercial products that are expensive and don’t really work.

No need to worry though.

In this video, we are going to tell you about a simple yet powerful natural oil that has the ability to reduce hair fall & promote new hair growth when used in the correct manner.

The lavender essential oil has been used for ages for its medicinal benefits.

Lavender oil has an excellent quality to balance the oil production in the scalp. It works wonders for both the oily and dry hairs. It unclogs the hair follicle and boosts healthy hair growth.

When applied correctly lavender oil helps in strengthening the roots and shaft of the hair which results in a reduction in hair fall and breakage.

Lavender oil has excellent anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which helps in soothing and healing the scalp from any kind of bacterial or fungal infection.

Lavender oil has a calming effect that reduces your stress which is one of the biggest factors in hair loss.

Lavender oil has stimulatory effects on hair follicles and it promotes new hair growth. It can stimulate dormant hair follicles and initiate hair growth.

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