BALDING IN MY 20's – Shaving My Head And Embracing Going Bald (LIVE)

BALDING IN MY 20's – Shaving My Head And Embracing Going Bald (LIVE)

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–15:00 Adam shaves of that balding hair and is reborn.–

00:31 Podcast introduction
01:25 When did you first notice you were going bald?
02:53 Does balding run in the family? Did it catch you off guard?
03:42 Mother suggested hopping on Rogain.
04:43 What were the signs telling you you were going bald?
06:06 Did dealing with going bald change you? Change your behavior or mental state?
07:40 Hats as a security blanket.
09:06 Did you try any hair loss treatments?
11:12 Did you ask anyone for help or advice?
11:53 Inspiration from my bald cousin.
13:32 What gave you that push to decide its time to accept balding and get on with life worry free?

15:00 Adam shaves of that balding hair and is reborn.

Thank you for sharing this inspiring moment.

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In this Episode 20 of the Podcast Adam shaves his head for the first time.

After dealing with going bald since his late teens and early 20’s Adam decides its time to leave the hair loss worries in the past and start again as a happy bald man, hair loss worry free.

After gaining inspiration from other online videos and from his older cousin and family members who are also bald, he decided he wanted to share this moment with everyone to help inspire others who might be struggling in dealing with their balding/going bald.

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